In the evenings, Friday and Saturday, disco bar restaurant Chaikhana "Granat" acts as a nightclub. The parties are focused primarily on style, comfort, and good music. The evening always begins with live vocals of various artists and seamlessly switches to incendiary DJ sets from residents of the restaurant . Often guests witness an exclusive dance performances by Art-project Granat. The dance floor is always filled with bright colors which are provided by light-emitting diodes and lasers.
Forget about how was Your business week, exhale and catch a wave of drive and joy in the disco bar of restaurant Chaikhana "Granat".



The art project "Granat" is bright vocal and dance show! Original acts intrigue and fascinate the audience from the first seconds. Through dynamic performances, smiles and spectacular costumes young professional dancing girls are capable of making any event the beautiful, expressive, passionate and intriguing.

DJ A-Sisters are beautiful, dancing and sexy girls! Their music radiates unmatched energy, which excites people and inspires to dance!

Go-Go - gorgeous girls enchant with their charm and beauty. Dancers can rock the dance floor at any party and their graceful choreography gives a real aesthetic pleasure.

Aleksandr Kurilov - excellent vocalist and DJ in one person, able to give people feel the energy of the music, its beauty and drive. Fresh look, great taste and a powerful positive energy is what carries this talented DJ and musician!